Frequently Asked Questions

G.O.Ds CASH is a multiple winner weekly prize.

G.O.Ds GOLD is a single winner weekly prize.

G.O.Ds CAR is a single winner monthly prize.

A registered user can participate in all active competitions weekly or monthly provided he she has purchased adequate DOTs and he / she can place up-to a maximum of 150 DOTs per GAME.

To participate in G.O.Ds competitions, you need to be at least 18 years old and must not be a resident of Assam, Odisha or Telangana. All you need to do is register, purchase a dot package and you can start playing active games.

In order to qualify as a game of skill, players must test their ability against that of the Expert Panel Judge. By using an Expert Panel Judge, we ensure that nobody can have advanced knowledge of the position of the ball, making the game fair, accountable and transparent.

Each competition runs from Monday 00:00:00 to Sunday 23:59:59 (IST). The judging for the previous week takes place on the following Monday, with the winner being announced that day by evening. The winner will be contacted by email on the same day and the results will be published on our website.

In the Weekly multi-winner competition (G.O.Ds CASH) if two or more players are equidistant from the judges’ position, the prize is shared within these players equally. In G.O.Ds GOLD and G.O.Ds CAR the first player to have placed their position closest too or exactly the same as the judges’ position is declared the winner.